Image of Mt. Teine in Sapporo, Japan

Jeff Kayser

I enjoy any and all aspects of computing, art, the outdoors, cycling, reading a lot, traveling, and photography.

I've been programming professionally for over fifteen years, and as a hobby even longer. I'm a well-rounded full-stack developer who's settled comfortably into the role of a generalist, able to quickly adapt to new platforms, technologies, and methodologies. While I'm an unapologetic jack-of-all-trades, I'm most greatly focused on web programming (my adult passion), and to a lesser degree, design and art (my childhood passion). I also love data, maps, and visualization. Because I hate waste, I'm fantastic at automation and finding ways to reduce manual or unnecessary effort.

I do contract software consulting, from system architecture to greenfield web and desktop application development to drop-in IT augmentation, and can probably help solve most technical problems you might need assistance with.

Contact me to discuss working together, or via my consultancy. I'm currently based in the Midwest United States though I work very well remotely, and many of my clients have been on either US coast, so timezone deltas aren't a big problem either.

See screenshots, summaries, and tech stacks of few of my publicly sharable projects.


This list is not exhaustive and does not designate my limitations. These are only some of the technical skills I've gained throughout my personal and professional life. The only truly necessary skill I have mastered is learning, but just writing that here would be a boring read.
  • Python 
  • Clojure 
  • Ruby 
  • C# 
  • JavaScript 
  • SQL 
  • HTML5 
  • CSS3 
  • VueJS 
  • ReactJS 
  • Flask 
  • Ruby on Rails 
  • Luminus 
  • AWS 
  • Heroku 
  • Linux 
  • Inkscape 
  • Photoshop 
  • Docker 
  • LaTeX  
  • English 
  • Japanese 
  • Master 
  • Expert 
  • Skilled 
  • Comfortable 
  • Tentative 
  • Newbie 


Company Role Period
SDSC at UC San Diego (Remote) IT architect Mar 2020 - present (~1 yr)
  • Completely re-architected core product as a modern, flexible, and less error-prone system
  • Built API to give users easy access to supercomputer simulation software
  • Built turnkey solution that company adopted as a first-class employee onboarding and development tool
  • Helped design/adopt better development practices to reduce siloing and improve management visibility
Contract (Remote) Software consultant Jun 2012 - present (~9 yr)
  • Primarily Python, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Clojure, and .NET development
Purdue Federal Credit Union (West Lafayette, IN) Developer Sep 2009 - Jan 2013 (3.4 yr)
  • Built several online banking applications used by 40,000 online members
  • Automated data import for 1,800 members and $9 million in funds from an acquired CU
AW Software Co., Ltd. (Sapporo, Japan) Programmer Jun 2006 - Sep 2008 (2.3 yr)
  • Developed and tested software to generate map data for car navigation systems
  • Designed map conversion system targeting a next-gen navigation data format
  • Coordinated European and Japanese development teams
EC International (Sapporo, Japan) Technical Rewriter Sep 2004 - Jun 2006 (1.8 yr)
  • Edited documents translated by others from Japanese to English, including technical reports and theses, ad copy and announcements, and contracts
  • Translated programming API documentation from Japanese to English
Verizon Data Services (Fort Wayne, IN) Developer Dec 1999 - Nov 2003 (4 yr)
  • Designed and created a wide range of web applications.
  • Set up and administered web and database servers
  • Gave oral presentations and project tours to inform clients and management of progress
  • Produced technical and end-user documentation for numerous applications


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Purdue University (May 2003)