Here is a sampling of personal projects that are completed enough to show to the discerning world at large.


Websites or -applications that stand on their own, as well as self-contained utilities.


Generate pseudo-realistic dummy placeholder data to test your app or database, or for any other purposes. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

DumbData runs on top of Flask.


Pelletron is yet another static site generator. Pelletron aims to minimize the effort of creating rich content, imposing as little overhead as possible to provide this power.

Source code


"Microapps" are what I call small one-screen webapps that serve some minor function.

Pizza Value Calculator

Maximize your pizza dollar using mathematics!

Penn Station® Nutrition Calculator

Get human-readable nutrition data for Penn Station East Coast Subs.

Kana Helper

This web-based tool helps you learn the two Japanese scriptshiragana and katakana – that form the basis for the language’s writing system. Knowing them will allow you to read Japanese children’s books and order food at a Japanese McDonald’s.

JavaScript keyCode and charCode Finder

Handy hands-on tool that helps you determine what JavaScript keyCode and charCode you're looking for when writing keyboard event handlers.

Date Format String Composer

This web-based tool gives instant gratification when coming up with a strftime()-compatible date/time format string.


Cheatsheets show keyboard shortcuts for some piece of software. I do the best I can to get the most useful functions to fit onto one concise readable and printable page.

All are created by me in Inkscape.

If you spot an error, have a request, or anything else to say, please contact me.

GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) Cheatsheet

One-page, with many common key-bindings for the GIMP 2.6, a popular and free raster image editor.

Screen Cheatsheet

One-page, with keybindings for GNU Screen, a screen manager with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation.


Some loops and music (to use the term loosely) I've made using various software programs.

Making music, even if unskilled, is highly enjoyable and theraputic at times when the logical side dominates the artistic side for too long.

Play File Date
light_darkness.mp3 2008-08-07
swell_chiznilly.mp3 2008-08-06
first_with-oopsdub.mp3 2006-03-10
slowdown.mp3 2003-05-02
mallet.mp3 2002-11-24
recovery.mp3 2002-11-24
misstep_later.mp3 2002-01-05
invisible-siege.mp3 2001-04-21