Kana Helper

By default, a katakana character is shown, and you must click/tap the corresponding hiragana character.

This page requires you to have a Japanese font installed. Install a Japanese font if you don't see Japanese characters.

Change the Learn selection to choose what syllabary you want to study. Change the Face selection to choose the syllabary displayed on the buttons. To practice, set them both to the same value or set one or the other to Romaji to see a Latin-alphabet-based representation ("romanization") of the character. The base 46 characters (五十音, gojūon, or "fifty sounds") are shown by default. Enable the voiced/aspirated sounds (濁点・半濁点, dakuten/handakuten, "voicing mark/half-voicing mark") and the diphthongs (拗音, yōon, "contracted sound") by checking the relevant boxes under Show.

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